The latest documentary on our very own IFBB Pro, Manuel Romero is finally here. This series that will show you the Manuel you have never seen before. You won’t just think of him as an up-and-coming star in the bodybuilding pro league, you’ll see what drives him and makes him such a unique character. Step inside his life in Miami, as MUTANT tells Manuel’s amazing story.

PART 1 introduces us to Manuel, how he discovered bodybuilding, and his wife’s initial reaction. We take a look at what life is like for him in Miami, and learn about his goals for the future.

Born and raised in Venezuela, Manuel never had it easy. His family had very little money, and he couldn’t even afford a gym membership. But that didn’t stop him. He walked dogs, worked in a nail salon, did manual labour at a cement factory, all in the hopes that he could save enough money to support himself and become a professional bodybuilder.


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