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Johnnie Jackson is the strongest guy every time he steps into a gym – any gym! But his approach to training isn’t just heavy, he tells us in this MUTANT exclusive video, but fast, resting just 30-45 seconds between sets. Johnnie calls the combination “controlled chaos,” a tempo that leaves less-conditioned bodybuilders gasping for air. Johnnie also shares the training fundamentals he picked up from his older brother, what prompted his transition into bodybuilding, and the unique bond he has with training partner Branch Warren, which allows each man to thrive. Johnnie confesses it’s that rare work ethic and camaraderie that make bodybuilding fun again.

Mutant Mass XXXtreme 2500 -25%

Jos sinulla on ongelmana saada paino nousemaan kovan treenin yhteydessä, voit käyttää Mutant Mass XXXtremeä muuttamaan tilannetta. Tuote on kehitetty erityisesti henkilöille, joilla on vaikeuksia saada lisää painoa. Annos koostuu noin 1100 kalorista, josta 30 g on proteiinia 3-whey-proteiinisekoituksesta.

  • Yli 1000 kaloria annoksessa
  • Lisää kehon massaa nopeasti
  • Parempi palautuminen treenin jälkeen
  • Alhainen tyydyttyneen rasvan osuus
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