Only a very small number of lifters ever get through this game without having a major injury, the kind that puts you out for months – the kind that lands you on an operating table. You lift your whole life, paying very close attention to how your body feels, and adjusting every variable so that you stay injury-free. But sometimes, life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes, devastating injuries occur outside the gym when you least expect it. Evan Centopani knows all about building a world class pro physique. Staggering weights, lifted day in and day out, couldn’t stop him. Unfortunately, a simple accident has. This past January, while preparing for his next pro show, the NY Pro, Evan suffered a major quad tear when he slipped on some ice on his driveway. Would this setback cause him to re-think his bodybuilding career? Or will he see this as just another bump in the road? Watch and find out!

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