IFBB PRO Bodybuilder and Power-Lifter Johnnie O Jackson describes that point in every competitor’s career that they get to a “crossroads” and have to make a real decision if this is the time to hang it up in Episode 3 of this exclusive MUTANT video. That life changing decision did not come lightly for him but lessening the blow was the fact that it would mean more time with his family which was a major benefit.

Johnnie teaches us that having a plan for life after bodybuilding is especially important, but between owning his own gym and training clients from sun up to sun down, one thing never waned, the passion for the sport of bodybuilding and the will to compete. True champions die hard and even Johnnie admits it may not take much to nudge him or get him to “pull the trigger” and get back on stage. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

- mainos -