2019 is off to a wild start, and I figured we would fill you all in on where we are going! How AAR got started, building up your community, and our NEW business ventures! We are in the business of building people. Whether that is with fitness, work, family, community, or your own personal business goals.

We want to see EVERYONE do good. We are in a unique position to now be able to give back to our community in a very special way. Building a state of the art facility to help the youth of our community better themselves and have fun a long the way. Take some time to watch this video in full. This is a passion project for myself and the team, and I think you will quickly see how excited we are to open these doors!


Day & Night protein boost -30%

Day & Night protein boost – Anna kropalle ympärivuorokautinen proteiinibuusti! Suosikit Whey-80 ja Supreme Casein samassa paketissa!

Nauti Whey-80-heraproteiinia erityisesti treenien yhteydessä ja Supreme Casein -proteiiniyhdistelmää yötä vasten. Kumpikin sopii myös erinomaisesti välipalaksi täydentämään päivittäistä proteiininsaantia.
Paketti sisältää:

1 x Whey-80, 1 kg – valitse haluamasi maku!
1 x Supreme Casein, 750 g – valitse haluamasi maku!
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