Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Guy Cisterninon olkapäätreeni

Viparikone 4 settiä korotuksilla 10-15Etuvipari tangolla 4 settiä korotuksilla 8-15Punnerruskone 4 settiä korotuksilla 10-15 + viimeisessä 3 pudotustaTakaolkapäät 4 settiä korotuksilla 15Käsipaino...

IFBB Pro Guy Cisternino – Chest & Biceps workout

Chest and quads are strong body parts for Guy. Regardless of this fact he always goes full throttle when training strong body parts. https://youtu.be/dDU-x3KC8Qg

Life of Iron featuring Guy Cisternino

"Anyone ever tells you that you can't do something in life... tell them to go F... themselves." - Guy Cisternino https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeYvAtAWI5s&index=4&list=WL