Thursday, October 17, 2019
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The Boston Massin viimeisin haastis

Jose "The Boston Mass" Raymond talks about competing in the open class of the Ferrigno Legacy, raving about the first class treatment received at...

Jose Raymond – Keeping up with the Kuwaitis – Part 3

The next stop on this Kuwait Travel Day, Day-in-the-Life of Jose Raymond is ANC (American Nutrition Center) and Cardillo Weight Belt Showroom in Everett,...

Jose Raymondilta uutta videosarjaa – Keeping up with the Kuwaitis – Part 1

Uudessa videosarjassa päästään seuraamaan Boston Massin matkaa Kuwaitin kehonrakennusparatiisiin. This is the morning of Jose Raymond's Travel Day to Kuwait, A Day in the Life...